• authored by remote viewer
  • published Mon, Dec 15, 2003

The Human Cost of Corruption

The Human Cost of Corruption

Exploiters of working people come in different packaging. Some appear refined, logical, even compassionate but all of them have one thing in common: They rely on our continued denigration to feed their insatiable desire for profit.

In this week's Village Voice Tom Robbins tells of a group that make no bones about their view of working people and the extent to which they are prepared to exploit us and our communities for personal gain. Is there a difference between the mobsters in this feature and their more refined counterparts in other industries that is more than superficial? Read it and tell us what you think. Infernal Racket.

"I make my living with these guys," Heifetz was heard telling another contractor in the fall of 1998. "Without these guys, I'm out of business. [It's] not a question of me being a masonry contractor. I'm not. I'm a fucking Simon Legree with a fucking load of slaves. You don't understand that? I lose my fucking slaves-they start realizing they're people-I'm out of business. And the intent was not for me to go out of business."

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