• authored by sleK
  • published Mon, Mar 11, 2002

Weekly Review: What in the world is MFD?

It seems everybody wants to know

This week we give you a bit of background on how the MFD came to be and the different directions we have taken together. Including, of course, some of the obstacles in our way:

How do you shut down a community?

We don't know but leave it to the UFCW International to try. Lawsuits can, at best, shut down a web site or prevent an individual from communicating about certain things. Nothing prevents everybody else from talking about what they want, when they want. So we're unsure of what the big biz-u's litigation will achieve on that front. The fear associated with lawsuits is more effective. People don't like being sued by big orgs for reasons we've already discussed at some length. But even on this front, the reaction of at least some of the MFD community leads us to wonder just how effective the shut-up-or-we'll-sue strategy is going to be.

So, Check out the review, then offer us all your opinion in the forums. We'd love to hear it!

  • posted by remote viewer
  • Tue, Mar 12, 2002 6:42am

The biz-unions fundamentally misunderstand the nature of what is happening. They still see dissidents as occuppying space in their own world - the one that they control. So when they use their tools on us they expect a certain reaction: That we'll run away and hide. What they're missing is that we aren't part of their world anymore and aren't trying to be. We're creating our own.

How do you shut down a community? You don't. The UFCW and the other biz-unions are going to find that out.

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