• authored by news
  • published Thu, Feb 28, 2002

UFCW Accuses Safeway of Bullying Tactics

In a media release issued yesterday, UFCW Canada accused Safeway of using bullying tactics against workers who, it claims are being kept in a permanent state of anxiety over their jobs and incomes by the company's business strategies. According to the media release, representatives of UFCW Canada will tour U.S. Safeway stores where they hope to speak to customers and hand out leaflets urging them to shop at stores that treat workers with fairness, dignity and respect.

  • posted by Troll
  • Thu, Feb 28, 2002 1:31pm

Why in hell would UFCW send Canadians into the US to work. That's against the law. They don't have green cards? Whey wouln't the International do the job for them? If the International isn't capable of doing anything for Canadians, who needs it?

I say, call US immigration and tell them to stop the buggers at the border. I say, tell the International to get its people off their asses and do a number on the US stores for Canada.

I'll bet the stores that are targeted are in some nice sunny state like California. Might as well stop at Disneyland while were at it.

  • posted by Shadow
  • Thu, Feb 28, 2002 2:59pm

Bullying! Hey that's defamatory. I wonder if Safeway is going to sue. Naw, they've got better uses for their money. The UFCW can dish it out but they sure can't take it.

I think California is on the list of leafleting stops. Wonder why they didn't pick something closer to the border? Wonder if they'll make it across the border if they're headed to the US to disrupt a US business. I don't think GW Bush would take kindly to that.

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