• authored by weiser
  • published Sat, Apr 6, 2002

Alberta Superstores

So they got a strike vote. What is Tommy going to do about it?


Superstore workers approve strike action
Mar 20 2002


Workers at the eight Superstore locations in the Capital Region have voted 75% in favour of a strike.

They're the first group of Superstore employees in Alberta to take a strike vote, though workers in the 11 other mega-grocery stores in the province are considering similar action.

Tom Hesse, negotiator with the United Food and Commercial Workers union, says workers are asking for better working conditions, and better pay. "Workers are asking for one dollar in the first year and one dollar in the second year. The employer is offering, over a seven-year period in time, a total of one dollar. Which, at the low end, in some job classifications, means about eleven cents per year."

Hesse says, currently, Superstore employees make between $6.50 an hour and $14 an hour.

He says, the company's wage offer is insulting, given that Superstore is the most profitable food retailer in the country. "They're trying to seal their fate for seven years," said Hesse, "and it's not a very nice fate."

Hesse says employees also want more respect. He says, currently, cashiers are denied a glass of water at the till, and proper rubber anti-fatigue mats to stand on.

Negotiations continue between the food giant and employees across the province. Hesse says 72 hour strike notice has not yet been given.

Considering Saskatchewan Superstore members are already on strike, why the hell not, Tom?

  • posted by siggy
  • Sat, Apr 6, 2002 10:27pm


Hesse says 72 hour strike notice has not yet been given.

What are they waiting for?

  • posted by Scott Mcpherson
  • Sat, Apr 6, 2002 10:52pm

If the UFCW can't get huge increase's in Alberta during a time when unemployment is less than 3% ....

Well I guess there's still Mexico eh?

  • posted by weiser
  • Sun, Apr 7, 2002 10:53am

That's the sick part. Superstore in Calgary was offering new hires a $3,000 bonus if they stayed 1,500 hours. It's proof that they can pay two bucks extra an hour on the bottom end. Why the hell would the UFCW allow them to pay that money without getting it in the CA?

It's proof Superstore only does what it has to, and it sure seems like the UFCW doesn't have the jam to make them "have to" do much of anything.

What's the hold up in Alberta? Is there a "partnering" agreement that we don't know about?

  • posted by weiser
  • Mon, Apr 8, 2002 7:14am

Watch Saskatchewan's deal as it's rammed down the throats of the Alberta groups.

What's really significant about the Saskatchewan strike is that the UFCW always says the Superstore employees are weak, so the UFCW can't achieve anything for them. The UFCW MRs complain that they can't mobilize Superstore emloyees and that's why their CAs are such crap. Well, that argument just went out the window.

Superstore employees are tough and they will fight hard if they have union support.

The UFCW had the power to completely shut down Westfair in Saskatchewan and Alberta, but they didn't. They wouldn't. They just couldn't bring themselves to do it.

  • posted by Scott Mcpherson
  • Mon, Apr 8, 2002 11:00pm

Hey did anyone catch page A-6 of the province today?

They had a picture of the new Superstore on 104th in Surrey and the sign read

Real Candaian Superstore

It's seems calling this chain "stupid store" is more appropriate than I thought. I guess you get what you pay for guys.

  • posted by sleK
  • Mon, Apr 8, 2002 11:11pm

I've got a copy of the pic on the kitchen counter upstairs.

It's pretty funny!

  • posted by wannabeCAW
  • Tue, Apr 9, 2002 12:10am

You are all kidding?
Bout spelling Canadian wrong!
Let us see a picture! A laugh is needed!

I wish the superstore members success,
and hope they make some good gains!

Is there a secret partnering agreement?
I would guess so it goes from coast to coast to coast.....

Sask & Alberta YOU ALL deserve MORE

  • posted by <rebelwithoutapause>
  • Tue, Apr 9, 2002 4:34am

Hey slek, how about a scan or pdf? That's a keeper!

  • posted by sleK
  • Tue, Apr 9, 2002 5:20am

Scan forthcoming.

  • posted by sleK
  • Tue, Apr 9, 2002 5:34am


  • posted by <dazed & confused>
  • Tue, Apr 9, 2002 5:41am

Stupidstore alright! You've gotta wonder how many people saw this boo-boo as the sign went from point A to point B and didn't notice anything. That includes at least a dozen management types.

  • posted by <rebelwithoutapause>
  • Tue, Apr 9, 2002 8:52am

How can we have confidence in people who can't even spell "Canadian".

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