• authored by lefkenny
  • published Sat, Aug 3, 2002

Bush Makes War on Labour Rights

Bush Makes War on Labour Rights

Homeland Bill Remains Snagged on Labor Rights

By Bill Miller

"Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge said yesterday that the White House would
not back off its demand that a proposed new federal anti-terrorism department
have unprecedented flexibility to hire, reward, discipline and transfer its
170,000 employees."

"Bin Laden is not the only target at which this White House is pointing its
six-gun," Sen. Robert C.Byrd said on the Senate floor Wednesday. "Also clearly in the bull's
eye is the job security of thousands of federal employees and the core values of
rights for the worker which they represent."

Full story here at washingtonpost

It appears that the Bush administration is not at war with only Bin Laden but with the labour unions as well. In the last few months a Bush government department told airlines that it would give loans to airlines if it could reduce its labour costs. Now because of Bush's war against terrorism he wants to reduce the rights of government union members equal to that of a conquered nation.

Oh how the voters of the USA appear to have made a huge mistake in their selection for President. While unions are negotiating for better rights and freedoms, President Bush wants to reduce those rights to simple basics.

Sure it is only for government employees now, but once the concession trail starts, it is only time before the concessionary disease spreads all accoss the country killing all workers rights in its path.

President Bush perhaps it is you who needs to be removed from power, rather than be concerned with what is going on overseas.

Our hard fought union gains are not for you to manipulate at you whim President Bush.


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