• authored by sleK
  • published Mon, Feb 18, 2002

Weekly Review: Vulgar Displays of Power

Part 1 of 2

This week we talk about control-freaks and the tactics they use in relationships between organizations and individuals.

A snip:

These control tactics are used in relationships between individuals but they also occur in relationships between individuals and organizations. Employers encourage conformity and compliance through these head games and so do unions - well, some unions at any rate. Among the CLC-affiliated biz-unions, the control freak-talk reaches a fever pitch whenever some disaffected group of members is thinking of taking a walk.

Unfortunately, you can find many text-book examples of these types of behaviours right in our very own forums, most often perpetrated by UFCW "supporters" (I quote the phrase because, unbeknownst to them, they really aren't helping the UFCW's case in this instance).

So, read the review then join us in the forums to offer and discuss your opinion.

We're all ears!

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