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  • Requesting your personal information through privacy legislation
    Sun, Aug 7, 2005 :: by Michael David
    So you've decided to make a request to access to your personal information, either to your company, a company, or a government institution. There are a few things you should know first. Believe me, it is not all cotton candy and popcorn when it comes down to it....

  • Duty of Fair Representation Part 3: Writing a Kickass Complaint
    Wed, Mar 17, 2004 :: by Members for Democracy
    So you've decided to file a duty of fair representation (DFR) complaint against your union. You've got a tough road ahead, however, that doesn't mean that you should not file your complaint or that you have absolutely no chance of winning. If you've read the first two articles in our DFR series, you...

  • Duty of Fair Representation Part 4: LRB Guys are Jerks
    Fri, Jan 9, 2004 :: by Members for Democracy
    If your LRB decides to process your complaint, it will assign your file to an LRB employee whose job it is to try to settle the complaint. In some provinces these employees are called Officers. In others they may be called Mediators or Specialists or similar titles. They are not the same as Chairs o...

  • Understanding Last Chance Agreements
    Tue, Nov 11, 2003 :: by Members for Democracy
    Workers who have been fired from their jobs and are grieving their dismissal may hear the phrase *last chance agreement* (or LCA), used by their union representatives during discussions about possible settlement of their grievance....

  • Getting More Out of Grievances p.04 - Turning Up The Heat
    Tue, Dec 31, 2002 :: by Members for Democracy
    If you want to have a snowball's chance in hell of winning your grievance you must allege a violation of the collective agreement - some clause or group of clauses that management has breached in its treatment of you....

showing 1 - 5 of 19 results
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